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Employee Internet Monitor & Internet Usage Monitor - Facing the Threats
Threats waiting on the Internet for your business are summarized in one word: content. Inappropriate content offers bigger potential problems than any other Internet threat. Adult or fringe sites can introduce viruses or spyware and even be a legal liability. But other, seemingly innocent, sites can be just as dangerous to your business. Sites with streaming video or audio can devour bandwidth; shopping, entertainment, or sports sites can leach productivity. Having a quality Internet connection monitor system will help protect your business.

To setup an employee Internet monitor system, you must first define inappropriate content for the workplace through an Internet use policy. Enforcing that policy requires actively controlling content, which means using a Internet usage monitor system.

Internet Connection Monitor & Internet Usage Monitor
iPrism approaches the employee Internet monitor process on two fronts: blocking inappropriate or malicious content through high-accuracy filtering, as well as providing real-time Internet monitor services and comprehensive reporting so network usage is effectively analyzed.

The iPrism Internet usage monitor system does more than actively filter what sites are accessed; it has mechanisms to report how much time per user is being spent on the Internet, what objectionable sites employees are trying to access, and how network resources are being used. The iPrism Internet connection monitor tracks usage from the entire network down to a single user or IP address. iPrism gives you content filtering combined with Internet connection monitor and Internet usage monitor services.

  • iPrism provides tools for web filtering and real-time Internet monitor services. Filtering is based on EdgeWaves iGuard Internet monitor database of URLs and web pages. iGuard, the only fully human-reviewed Internet connection monitor database in the industry, categorizes individual web pages based on keyword content and context; network administrators can set which of these categories to block. Every in- and outbound request is compared against the Internet monitor database categories. iPrisms Internet monitor records web and messaging transactions and tracks any blocked or actionable content through either web browsing or messaging.
  • As an Internet connection monitor, iPrism reports how much bandwidth is used, what kind of files are downloaded, and how much information is transferred from a single site. The iPrism Internet connection monitor system can also limit bandwidth.
  • As an Internet usage monitor, iPrism can report in real-time about when sites are accessed, which user viewed the site, what actions were taken, and even how the site is rated under iGuards categorization. iPrism can also supply information on which sites are the most accessed and which users spend the most time on the Internet. All reports can be broken down by username, by category, or by IP address.

iPrism Internet usage monitor combines the adaptability and control of computer and Internet monitoring software with the network compatibility of hardware filters and the convenience of hosted services. iPrism Internet connection monitor also functions as an outstanding Internet cafe monitoring software and Internet usage monitoring software.

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EdgeWave is proud to announce the release of our Mobile Device Security solutions for employees who engage in business on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Also review or new Social Media Security and Secure Browser software for businesses and goverment organizations.

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